Let’s Go.

November 15, 2008


What do you do with a second chance?  On Monday, I got a call from my lead-carpenter husband, Steven, telling me that his coworker had accidentally shot him in the back with a nail gun.  As I gasped and started to cry, he reassured me, told me he was fine, the nail was low.  A carpenter’s wife gets somewhat used to cuts, scrapes and burns, so I went about my business.  The next call was from his employer telling me he was conscious now and seemed to be breathing fine now.  I was not reassured anymore.

The picture above is a scan of Steven’s shirt, with the nail.

I raced to the hospital in Framingham with our boys.  He was fine.  Exhaustive tests showed that the 2-1/2″ nail hit nothing vital.  He was spared.  What if…what if…  It was something for the boys – we couldn’t help but compare their healthy big dad (except for the deep puncture in his back) to the other emergency room victims who weren’t faring as well. 


It’s been a frightening and startling week, Steven’s brush with mortality gave us immediate perspective on everything that we have and all that we can look forward to.  I can confidantly say that nothing in our relationship has made us closer as a couple or as a family.  Ready to take on the world, meet any pending challenge.  Let’s go.


6 Responses to “Let’s Go.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Juli — Amazing story and what a week for you all. What matters most is that you all are stronger because of it!!

  2. Juli- why not submit this to the Daily News? It’s a compelling story!

  3. Juli,
    What a week exactly….you will have a special Thanksgiving next week.


  4. Catherine Taylor Says:

    SO glad Steven’s OK – oh my God Juli, thank heaven for second chances and take nothing for granted- you guys are blessed.

  5. John Leeke Says:

    Hoping for Steve’s speedy recovery. I’m looking at the photo of Steve working with his chop-saw. Please ask Steve to wear safety glasses or goggles when running power tools.


  6. greenbridge Says:

    You’re absolutely right AND the first person to see the irony in the two photos on the post!!

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