Master Planning – Dreaming Prudently

December 12, 2009

Most of us have a long list of items that we want to see for our home.  I’ve found that most of our clients want to save energy costs, by adding insulation or upgrading their homes’ mechanicals, but they really need their new mudroom first, and the gutters fixed….. 

‘Green Design’ and ‘Sustainability’ are terms that are everywhere these days, and their immediate value to our own homes isn’t obvious, especially when other problems are more glaring – no storage, an ugly kitchen, a messy playroom.  Making changes to reduce energy use is real and translates to savings for you and the homeowner, but beautiful design and function is just as important.  If your house works well for you and is beautiful, you will love it – you’ll stay there and take care of it.  If it is well-detailed and built well, it will last for many years.  Your home won’t need to be torn down and rebuilt, because it will be worth keeping.  That’s green!


One of our projects, completed earlier this year, a renovation and addition to a 1630 home in Newburyport.

Over the past year, we have been helping our clients with a cost-effective way to organize and plan for upgrades to their homes, by creating Master Plans.  Master Planning, or creating a single design that incorporates current and future projects, gives our clients drawings that can be used for cost-estimating as they decide to move forward with individual projects. The Master Plan is also an important tool that insures that each project is moving them toward their desired goal and that today’s construction won’t have to be rebuilt or removed tomorrow.

A recent example of our Master Planning work was completed for an ‘New Englander’ home in Newburyport.  Our clients for this project are a young couple with one young child and another baby on the way.  They have strong roots in the home (one of them grew up there) and plan to live there for the long term. 


The Master Plan for their home includes a new Kitchen and Mudroom on the first floor, an expanded Master Bedroom Suite on the second floor, an ‘au pair’ suite on the lower level, and the renovation of their garage to a patio-side ‘Cabana’.  Our schematic or design drawings consist of floor plans, exterior elevations, and a model. 

With our partner company, Riverview Builders, we are able to provide cost-estimates and quality construction for all or portions of the work, providing complete architectural and construction services.

For our Newburyport clients, their greatest need right now is their 2nd Floor Hall Bath – we’re excited to be starting with that project early next year.

We would love to talk to you about your home and where it will be in a hundred years – feel free to contact us with any questions or to find out more about this process.  Happy New Year!!!!!!

Juli MacDonald, AIA, LEED-AP


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