Home Office Ideas

March 30, 2010

Happy Spring!!  Daffodils, tulips, vacation planning…taxes.  Where did you prepare your taxes this year?  Was it in an organized, calming, well-lit, comfortable environment?

In this month’s greenbridge blog, I’m focusing on home offices, or more specifically, office spaces.  Instead of looking at an entire room used as an office, where lots of space is available, I wanted to look at options for integrating office areas into otherwise under-utilized spaces.  Some fantastic options include under stairs, in closets, or as part of the kitchen.  These tucked in office spaces are ideal for family-centered computer work, paying bills or dropping off or organizing the mail.  With clever detailing, they can also be built to fold away or close when not in use, hiding inevitable clutter or unfinished projects.


An image from a This Old House blog on kitchen offices

The first step in creating a home office is to look for a location that works for your living patterns and lifestyle. 

dominic mercadante blog

Is there an unused nook at the end of a pantry?  In this photo, they found a beautiful spot under a window, close to the kitchen, but tucked away.

sunset com

Or a seldom or under-used closet?  Here, a WIDE door opening helps the office space to not feel like a closet.

home-designing com

How about a space under a stair?  I love the heater at the knees in this one.


Sometimes office spaces can be worked into other renovation projects such as a cabinetry project or a kitchen renovation.  In this recent cabinetry project above by Riverview Builders, we incorporated a small desk area at the end of the new living room cabinet.

Once the size and location have been determined, consider what you’ll be doing there and plan for the storage, desk area and electrical to fit those uses.  For these spaces, each planned detail can make an enormous difference once you’re ‘moved in’.  Examples of small important details might include a well-placed grommet hole so that wires can feed through the desktop or a cabinet where to hide  computer wires.

Beyond the detailing of the function is the overall design.  Do you want the cabinetry to match other cabinets in the room, or to look like a separate piece of furniture?  Painted or clear-finished wood?  Would you like to close it up when not in use? 

What are the possibilities in your home?  If you’d like our assistance with planning or cost-estimating your upcoming project, feel free to contact me at juli@greenbridgearchitects.com  or juli@riverview-builders.com.  Our initial consultation is always complimentary.

With best wishes for a wonderful spring season,





3 Responses to “Home Office Ideas”

  1. Cathy sutton Says:

    Hi I heard about those tire buildings and I say Bravo!

    Here is a family i have been following for years:


    Enjoy the tiredoutranch dot com site. I noticed that they haven’t kept it up to date, but I am sure they have their reasons.

  2. Cathy sutton Says:

    Willing to swap sites for blogroll links?

    I have http://www.gardening-by-cathy.net and http://www.mysolarenergyplus.net

    Cathy Sutton

    Any information you have about Aquaponics would be appreciated. I see it as a low-cost alternative to hydroponics which I consider costly. Hence, I am excited to hear about all the different versions.

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