GreenBridge at the Newburyport Green Building Expo

November 4, 2008

Greater Newburyport is going green!  On November 14th and 15th, the 2nd annual Newburyport Green Expo will be held at Nock Middle School.  Attendess of the Green Expo can look forward to a broad range of businesses presenting products, services and information that promote healthier, more sustainable practices to both the business and residential community alike.  The Expo will educate attendees in a family-friendly, non-partisan atmosphere on environmental matters and movements.  See for more info.

GreenBridge Architects is pleased to be participating in the Green Building Panel on Saturday at 1:00.  We will be joined by George Stroman of TSC Construction, Tim Gould of Energy Egghead, Robert Lafond of Terrene Building Supply, Peter Strattner from the Green Cocoon and Oliver Sheridan of Solarwrights.  Panelists will discuss practical approaches to green building and the options available locally.  They will also review the processes and players critical for construction to be successful in terms of energy efficiency, health of the occupants and impact on the environment.  Join us!


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